Sauro is the painter who observes the world and runs along with this.
And 'the aquarium that crosses the reality but you can not stop.
Have mercy and not let them waste time with useless talk with nothing new.
Then after two or three copies of previous artists who only serve to give
push, you get to capture a frame in transformation in which the body but it already appears in another location and little hands try to stop that.
that is pleasantly already another thing.
We are already waiting for the next surprise!

Sauro Freshly stopped the shoes of descriptivism was dedicated to the exploration of painting internal codes. The picture remains the protagonist but is subject to the reflection on language, the impression is that Sauro uses some issues as pretexts, albeit through a careful and contemporary choice and give vent to painting. You get to the physicality of the art, paintings in which, drawing on experiences related to the visual arts, language and imagination to the fight and contrast media, the body is both subject and object of desire.
It is the great theater of life to appear on these surfaces, to make them terribly current without losing their ambition of being able to overcome the contingency: the theater and is said not by chance, since the importance of gestures in these paintings is really fundamental, it is one of the places on which more focus the author's attention. Gestures that are worth as an expression of the feelings, which count as authentic body language, gestures private and public gestures, again the whole experience of the real luggage that turns into a painting, and to be more precise in figure painting.

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